Entertainment is the focus of many special events. Whether you’re celebrating a marriage, a school dance, or celebration of anything, you want your guests to have a fun time, to get involved, and to remember it for a long time. We’ve got 3 reasons a photo booth rental will do just the trick!

photobooth-rental-funIt’s a great ice-breaker

With events of any size, it can be quite the task getting everyone to mingle. There will always be a few attendees standing by the drink table, and the guests who are intimidated by the dance floor; it wouldn’t be a party without them! Everyone will have fun in their own way, but you’ve invited your guests to come to your event to be entertained and to enjoy themselves for the night – it’s just difficult finding a way to do that for everyone.

The greatest advantage you have with a photo booth rental is that all guests can break the ice in a fun, non-embarrassing way. Photo booth rentals are great ways to introduce new relationships to guests who are unfamiliar with each other – call it event networking, if you will. Photo booths work wonders for all-inclusive entertainment because we’ve all seen those movies with the photo booth rental montages. You know what we’re talking about, the scenes with all the cute poses between friends and couples, kissy faces and big, cheesy, want-to-pinch-those-cheeks smiles. Maybe it’s a nostalgic charm, or the enthusiasm towards planning poses with your friends, but there’s just something about a photo booth rental that nobody can resist!

But first, let’s take a group into the photo booth rental!photo-booth-group

The problem with a selfie is that an arm only extends so far, allowing a limited amount of space to capture people in the photo. Selfies simply can’t include everyone, whereas photo booth rentals get the whole group involved. Don’t limit your guests to photos of 3 people, people! With a photo booth rental, your guests will more than likely take advantage of all the space they have, donned with all the props included. If you’re worried about keeping your guests engaged in the entertainment of the night, rest assured a photo booth rental would come to the rescue! After their first set of photos, they’re sure to bring all their other friends – new and old – into the booth to capture the memories of all the fun they’re having together.

Photos In Your Hands

We’ve mentioned the nostalgic charm of having a photo booth rental, but there’s something even more heartwarming that you get when you bring one to your party; photos. Not just digital images to share on social media (but that’s also encouraged…), but having tangible photos. While it’s easy and efficient to share memories with friends in seconds with the click of a button, there’s more of an importance to a photo when you have an actual copy of it. Ask any of your elders – taking home photos at the end of the night makes it more magical and memorable.