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How To Turn Your High School Gym Into a Concert Venue

Sure your high school gym is a place of fitness and education most of the time, but it also has huge potential when it comes to high school dances, battle of the bands, or concerts! The gym is the perfect space to transform into a concert venue for your next high school dance. Here […]

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High School Dance Trends 2015

If anything defines high school it’s awkwardness and trends – often at the same time! School dances, whether it’s the fall formal, the spring fling, or the prom are all about getting dressed up and making memories to last a lifetime. Each and every year, there are different trends and fads that help make […]

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How To Choose a School Dance Theme

Choosing a theme for your school dance is no small task. In today’s pop-culture society, staying on trend is more important than ever. And when it comes to school dances, it’s only a success if everyone is having fun. A theme should be contemporary, inclusive, and humorous – without being cheesy. Unless straight up […]

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