High School Dance Trends - Dressing

If anything defines high school it’s awkwardness and trends – often at the same time! School dances, whether it’s the fall formal, the spring fling, or the prom are all about getting dressed up and making memories to last a lifetime. Each and every year, there are different trends and fads that help make this year’s high school dance even more memorable than the last. Here is a compilation of this year’s most show stopping high school dance trends.

DJ Equipment - Mixer At High School DanceThe Live DJ

The argument could be made that this generation is more music obsessed than ever before. They’re going to concerts, making their own mixes, and getting more involved via social media with artists than ever before thought possible! Which is why a live DJ at your next high school dance is a non-negotiable. Pulse Production provides Vancouver and the surrounding area with competitively priced live DJ services that are guaranteed to bring life to the party. Our experienced DJs use age appropriate music to add an extra element to high school dances that is sure to get everyone on their feet! We make sure to use a combination of top 40s, indie tracks, and oldies to get everyone feeling involved. Don’t be surprised when a dance battle breaks out!


High School Dance Trends - Dressing GirlsThemes

Everything is better with a theme! What’s a high school dance without a theme? Well, it’s just another gymnasium with dimmed lighting and loud music. Help get everyone involved by choosing an appropriate theme! The best themes are ones that are seasonal, and topical. And for the high school generation, the more pop culture you include the better. Celebrity themes are big this year! Think the Kardashians, Oscars, Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation!

Social Media

You already know that the majority of the high school students at the dance are going to be on their phones, so why not make the most of it? Consider using social media to get students more involved in the dance that is going on. There are lots of ways that you can go about doing this. For starters, get them involved in choosing the set list. Ask your DJ if they have a twitter account, and then come up with a hashtag specific for the dance. Students can then use this hashtag to request songs to the DJ. The DJ can either simply play the songs or add to the conversation over Twitter.

Or, do the same on Instagram! Start an Instagram account for your high school, and post pictures of all the activities that go on at school. You can use the same hashtag you created for twitter and encourage students to tag their school dance photos with it!

If you would like to book Pulse Productions for your next high school dance, get in touch with us today!