Sure your high school gym is a place of fitness and education most of the time, but it also has huge potential when it comes to high school dances, battle of the bands, or concerts! The gym is the perfect space to transform into a concert venue for your next high school dance. Here is how you get your high school gym looking concert ready in no time.

Prom in Converted School GymMaking Music a Priority

Contemporary high school students are more involved than ever in local and global music trends. They have their finger on the pulse of musical groups and innovation, and they want to be involved. Not only is Vancouver home to some of Canada’s best musical groups, but chances are that your high school is also has some pretty fantastic musicians walking the halls on their way to class.

Make it a priority to foster the musical interests of your students by promoting local musical groups and acts. Find out what music they like, and what music they’ll respond to, and make sure your DJ or band will be able to adapt to the students.


High School Steps to School DanceChoosing a DJ or Live Band

When it comes to music for your next high school dance, you really only have two options: a live band or a live DJ. Today’s high schools are not compromising on internet playlists. At Pulse Productions, we offer high schools across Vancouver and the surrounding area with professional high school DJ services. Not only does this include the actual music, but it also includes the audio and sound equipment, special effects, microphones, and most importantly – setup and teardown. You can leave all of the sound, light, and audio effects up to us. If you opt for a live band, you still need a professional on your team who can set up, and manage the sound equipment. This is where Pulse Productions comes in.

Not only will our team make sure everyone is having a great time, but we also use top of the line sound equipment. So whether you’re featuring a band that’s famous to your high school or famous to the world, they will be sounding their absolute best!

Decorating The Gym

Start with the lighting. While Pulse Productions will take care of special effect lighting, you will need to make sure that you have accounted for ambient lighting. Chances are the gym is attached to a stage area. Make use of the stage’s lighting system to illuminate the space and avoid using harsh overhead lighting. Next, establish a flow for the space. You should have three distinct areas: a seating area, dancing area, and refreshment area. Use the resources already at your disposal to create these areas. Then, keeping your theme in mind start decorating! If you are going a Battle of the Bands route, why not choose a “street art” theme. Create a wall canvas and invite students to leave their mark. In the weeks leading up to the dance, your high school’s art classes can be in charge of creating murals to decorate the gym.

High school dances are even more fun when you feed on the interest of your students. Pulse Productions is standing by to help you make this the best high school dance yet!