There’s plenty of love to go around in the crisp mountain air of western Canada. We’ve been lucky to help plenty of beautiful couples celebrate their intertwined hearts by tying the knot with beautiful Vancouver weddings. These magically addictive ceremonies have taken center stage in many popular magazines, blogs and plenty of attention on social media for all the right reasons. We’re here today to talk about Vancouver weddings and all the romantic details we’ve been obsessing over (and you’re about to, too).

Organic Picturesque Viewsvancouver

If there’s one thing out of towners should know about Vancouver is that the views are something you simply won’t find anywhere else in the world. The mountains, well, let’s just say they set a setting that is aesthetically pure and natural. With warm summers, Vancouver weddings are naturally blessed with stunning floral sceneries (money saving AND environmentally considerate). But for the cold-weather lovers, there’s heaps of winter snow that softly cover the rolling landscape. Year-round, Vancouver weddings are blessed with beautiful and peaceful organic scenery.

Romantic Charm

We’ve had the opportunity of supporting some truly mesmerizing ceremonies that radiate the intangible chemistry between true soul mates. As wedding dj’s, production setup crew and many other helping hands, we’ve been lucky to witness the romantic charm of Vancouver. It puts everyone at peace, for important ceremonies like these. Maybe it’s the fact that no matter what theme you’re after, there’s a city in Vancouver to match. Maybe it’s the phenomenal food selection, and it might even be the locals that give it that passionate yet pure hearted personality. We set the mood with the music and the right setup, but Vancouver weddings irresistible romantic charm that’s hard to find.

Outdoor Inspirationbride-and-groom

Remember how we talked about the scenery before? We’d like to touch on it a little bit again. but beyond providing picturesque landscapes, Vancouver weddings have boundless inspiration when it comes to setting the right tone. We’re talking about how the great outdoors lend a helping hand to one of the most essential wedding components: the theme of the magical night. Themed weddings are more than setting the stage for  memorable nights filled with dancing, crying, laughing and singing. It help guests get into the right mood, capturing the love of two unique people and many very special relationships built on pure, unfiltered emotions. Vancouver fosters beautiful outdoor culture that can be dynamically pulled into any theme to fit the happy love birds, so effortlessly at that.

Can you see why we’re so head over heels for these Vancouver weddings? They embody everything most people want on their special day: peaceful, joyous beautifully breathtaking celebrations of love. Could you ask for anything more than that on your special day? If you’re reading this post and hearing bells chime, it’s time to get busy planning your own Vancouver weddings. We’ll bring the music, the production setup and all the help you could ever need.  Bring your party, and get them ready for Vancouver and all it’s phenomenal addiction-worthy benefits.