Getting your middle school or high-school student to the dance is no problem. After all, they spend weeks anticipating how the night will go, if they will see their crush, and practicing their moves in the mirror. It is, however, a difficult task to get them to actually dance once they’re there. You’ve been there – it can take a lot of confidence to get up in front of your friends and be cool! Be that as it may, hiring the right DJ for your next Vancouver school dance is the key to making sure your students will be rocking and rolling the night away.

Dj-Board-VancouverFresh Tunes

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what’s hot and what’s not, but when you hire a DJ for your school dance, you can rest assured they come prepared with a playlist of hot music. What’s even better is that when you hire a professional for a middle school or high school dance, you can request clean edits to all their favorite songs. So don’t worry about the profanities that fill the top-chart hits, your DJ is focused on keeping the party going with clean music.


They Bring Personality

Some of the best memories we all carry from high school are those spent on the dance floor – and we probably have a great DJ to thank for that. It’s all about the atmosphere, and while balloons and streamers are aesthetically pleasing, what’s better is an awesome emcee. As a professional host, you’re hiring the life of the party – their job is to have fun and make sure evSchool-Dance-DJ-Vancouvereryone else is having fun too. Choosing a lively, entertaining DJ who’s ready to make this night phenomenal for your students will be a better hit than setting the IPod on shuffle. With the right DJ, everyone will remember dancing the night away with their group of best friends, instead of terrible the host was.

Beyond The Music

You invited your students for a night to remember, so wow them with an awesome performance! Being a DJ these days goes beyond creating an excellent playlist and interacting with guests. While they stay up to date on the latest music, they also know how to entertain your guests. Being a great school DJ means bringing the entire show in one package. Setting up the dance floor, lights, fog, and top-notch sound equipment are all parts of the job. Hiring a DJ means you’ll have a phenomenal emcee that has the public speaking skills to make any announcements, interact with the crowd and get a few good laughs in. No need to stress about doing it yourself!

You’ve put a lot of effort into planning an unforgettable night for everyone. Hire a DJ for a night no student could ever forget! Pulse Productions offers affordable packages that can suit the needs of the biggest, and smallest school dances. Our Vancouver DJ’s are leaders for school dances and offer the highest value for your dollar. Contact us today!