We’re not talking about gouda, brie, or marbled cheddar here, we’re talking about one of the most nostalgic phrases you can think of; “say cheese”! You’ve heard it a million times, and may have said it as you’ve snapped photos of your own. Event photos are treasured documents that help capture moments, turning them into memories we cherish for years. If you’re planning an event, capturing the moments can be tricky, but we’ve got a secret weapon that’s sure to make sure everything clicks. Be the big cheese of your next event and bring the smiles with Vancouver photobooth rentals!

For The Frowny Faces

Not to be depressing, but we’ve all had those grumpy guests before. If you’re looking for something to turn their frowns upside down, go with Vancouver photobooth rentals for your event. With so many props to choose from, it’s going to be difficult for them to contain the giggles! There’s just something about those iconic photobooth pictures that even the poutiest faces can’t resist. We’re confident that your serious guests will leave a little sillier than they were when they walked in.

For Overdue Reunionsphoto-album

If you’re throwing an event to reunite groups of any kind, your guests are bound to get nostalgic and bring out the old photo albums. For high school class reunions, family reunions, group gatherings and other reunions, help your guests continue documenting their time together with Vancouver photobooth rentals. Remember when we were talking about nostalgic memories? Yearbooks, album covers, and family photos are nostalgia-packed documents that capture each special moment shared with one another, and your event should keep the memories going. As our families, friends and business counterparts and acquaintances grow over the years, it’s important to document those important get togethers that seem to be fewer and far between. Particularly with casual events, Vancouver photobooth rentals are helpful for the future, so that come the next reunion, everyone can laugh at the retro hairdos, goofy outfits and big, smiling faces together.

For The Shy Guestssmile-shy-photobooth-rentals

It can be a difficult, anxious time for your shy guests to get in on the fun of a party. For starters, some people might not want their picture taken off guard, and we’ve all got that family member or friend who inevitably backs away on the count of three. We’re talking about the guests that default to awkwardly standing by the bar, uncomfortable making small talk or networking. Vancouver photobooth rentals can break any guests out of their shell and give them something fun to do with each other! It’s easy to get a big group together with props like feather boas and wacky glasses to make everyone feel a little more comfortable. Posing by yourself can be scary for anyone, outgoing or shy, but posing with a group is a lot easier for nervous guests. After snapping a few shots in Vancouver photobooth rentals, they’ll likely be the last ones left on the dance floor with smiles from ear to ear.